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TS Data Cloud

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Cluod Infrastructure

Cloud based services are gaining in more demand as it gives you the flexibility to scale up or down your cloud capacity, powerful disaster recovery mechanism and reduce cost of hardware. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription based model to handle your cash flow efficiently and reduce your initial capital investment.

Cloud providers are taking care of all the software / hardware updates so you don’t have to waste time in maintaining these systems. Cloud services give you the flexibility of deploying your application globally across the world considering your regional requirements. The data stored on the cloud can be accessible across the world through secure data network provided by different cloud providers.

Cloud computing can provide quite a bit of advantages to organizations looking to implement configuration management tools and technologies. Cloud provides a dynamic, scalable, and shareable environment, making manual system administration techniques quite obsolete and inefficient.

Consistent configuration without any limit in the number of servers or frequency of their implementation can be had with the help of the cloud. Access controls, governance, billing, and application management are critical cloud functionality areas, and configuration management systems may not take care of these necessities.




Cloud computing provides a scalable online environment that makes it possible to handle an increased volume of work without impacting system performance. Cloud computing also offers significant computing capability and an economy of scale that might not otherwise be affordable, particularly for small and medium-sized organisations, without the IT infrastructure investment. Cloud computing advantages include:

  1. Lower capital costs — Organisations can provide unique services using large-scale computing resources from cloud service providers, and then nimbly add or remove IT capacity to meet peak and fluctuating service demands while only paying for actual capacity used.
  2. Lower IT operating costs — Organisations can rent added server space for a few hours at a time rather than maintain proprietary servers, without worrying about upgrading their resources whenever a new application version is available. They also have the flexibility to host their virtual IT infrastructure in locations offering the lowest cost.
  3. Improved operations — Organisations can reduce the need to handle hardware or software installation or maintenance.
  4. Improved BCP/DR infrastructure — Organisations may leverage the process to create more robust disaster recovery and business continuity features and services, if properly managed.
  5. Higher efficiency — Organisations may be able to optimize their IT infrastructure and gain quick access to the computing services required.



TS Data Cloud

What is TS Data Cloud Edited by kashif at 27/05/2018 9:58 PM

What is TS Data Cloud ? TechScape Data Cloud is a sophisticated cloud management system developed by TechScape that provides complete automation of the orchestration, administration, provisioning, management, support, metering and billing of cloud based resources. TS Data ...

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Private Cloud Some organisations needing higher security require a separate Cloud-based environment that only you can operate. TechScape will design, build and operate a scalable Cloud environment built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organisation. ...

Architecture Edited by kashif at 27/05/2018 9:58 PM

Architecture Successful cloud implementations use three layers: cloud management layer,configuration management layer, and resource management layer.   ...

Features Edited by kashif at 27/05/2018 9:58 PM

Features   Easy-to-use-interface An intuitive web based user interface and a robust REST-based APIs that allows full control and administration of your cloud based servers and storage.   Granular control ...

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Currently Supporting Applications Edited by kashif at 27/05/2018 9:58 PM

TS Data Cloud currently supporting,   ...