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What is TS Data Cloud

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What is TS Data Cloud ?

TechScape Data Cloud is a sophisticated cloud management system developed by TechScape that provides complete automation of the orchestration, administration, provisioning, management, support, metering and billing of cloud based resources. TS Data Cloud provides cloud architecture services across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, to create a private and public cloud unified management platform.

TechScape Data Cloud fuses system development, application integration, cloud technologies and environment operations into a lean, agile and continuous service stream. TechScape Data Cloud speeds up the delivery, unlocks efficiencies, reduces costs, reduces time to customer feedback, minimizes disruption, and enables organizations to seize market opportunities. 

TechScape leverage the latest technologies, innovations and expertise up and down the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS stack to create highly secure and compliant environments that will scale to your organization’s needs and deliver a differentiated end user experience with an increased capacity to manage risk and innovate.
TechScape Data Cloud tools and services are proven, measureable and simple to deploy for the requirements of the enterprise looking to automate, scale and see true positive ROI and TCO outcomes.TechScape streamlines the deployment and implementation process providing automation technology tools and services to our customers with the fastest implementations and lowest cost of ownership.