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An intuitive web based user interface and a robust REST-based APIs that allows full control and administration of your cloud based servers and storage.


Granular control of resources

Cloud Servers can be configured on the fly, allowing customisation of CPU, memory and storage on servers without having to create a new instance.


Comprehensive management

TS Cloud is managed and operated by TechScape on your behalf. Systems management (operating system patching, maintenance, software upgrades) is included in the service suite.


Fast implementation

we provide global procurement, delivery and implementation. Your pre-integrated Private TS Data Cloud architecture may be up and running in weeks from order.


Availability and support

we offer redundancy, 24x7 support and communitybased self-service, service level guarantees for availability and performance.


Security and controls

VLANs, configurable firewalls, VPN and encrypted data in-flight and at rest, tiered user accounts, self-service configurations, user permissions, reporting and auditing.



Cloud Management System Features